In 2009 Electro Battery Co. Ltd (EBCL) has started manufacturing and marketing Battery under the brand name of “ELECTRO” especially solar battery, Industrial battery, automotive battery etc. Electro Battery Company Limited (EBCL), is a sister concern of ELECTRO Group. Since starting, EBCL were manufacturing solar battery to support solar sector. After having enormous appreciation in manufacturing solar battery and by the massive motivational support by Telecom sector, EBCL introduced VRLA Battery for BTS reserve power source. The product designed and developed based on the latest technology which is suitable for local environment and power condition. EBCL is persistently investing in R&D for continuous development of the product. The consequences of R&D department, EBCL is facing low warranty problem from the customer.To ensure highest support and series to the valued clients of telecom industry EBCL maintains its skilled and efficient service team for 24/7. They are ready to provide prompt solution of power back up whenever required. EBCL is committed to provide uninterrupted power supply at your BTS.