Strength & opportunities

 When considering Electro Group as a partner, in the process of execution, installation, support and maintenance in power sector and turnkey projects, it is primordial to capitalize on the strengths of the establishment:

 Top ranked company within our field of activities.

·         The leading company in the field of precision powers the power and environmental control systems.

·         Wide coverage and outlets in our markets

·         Experience and professional human resources availability.

·         Commitment to high standards and ethical values.

·         Long term planning with persistent perspective

·         Profitable and stable organization.

·         Exchange and availability of expertise and knowledge gained in different territories.

·         Unlimited back-up from manufacturers and principals.

·         Wide range and coverage of the product portfolios

·         Availability of controllable spare parts stocks, (levels controlled by manufacturer).

·         Reliable performance

 The recognition of opportunities is one of the key elements necessary for the success at any company. Opportunities that arise from association with Electro Group stems from:-

·         The envy reputation that the company enjoys.

·         The close association we have established with key organizations.

·         The strategy of adopting industry based standards.

·         The excellent price/performance ratio of proposed solutions and products.