Electro Solar Power Ltd. a sister concern of Electro Group comes as the first Solar PV Module manufacturer in Bangladesh. Electro Solar adds a new era in solar power sector in Bangladesh. Electro Solar Power Ltd is established in 2009 with 1200 square meters of manufacturing plant area at Ashulia, Savar. Workforce comprises of 10 engineers and 75 workers. They are all experienced in handling electricity and electronics. We have and enriched R&D facility. All solar accessories like charge controller, inverters are already developed in this R&D center. We are fully capable of solar panel deployment for home system of couple of 10W capacity of large commercial/ industrial system ranging up to couple of kilowatt capacity. With the ever increasing demand of electric power, our country's power infrastructure is lagging behind to meet this demanded. Here Electro Solar Power Ltd comes into play with its solar PV panel manufacturing plant.

Not only it would ease the burden on existing power infrastructure, it would also reduce the carbon emission significantly.The solar energy is totally green and this would reduce carbon-footprint of our country to a great extent. With a push in national energy policy for green solar energy, Electro Solar Power Ltd. would be the pioneer in our country to materialize that push. One of the major missions of Electro Group is to develop local industries to reduce imported commodity, hence reduce foreign currency expenditure of the country and most of all generate employment opportunity out of above activities. Electro Solar Company Ltd. is one step forward to achieve that goal moving along with Electro Mechanical Service Ltd., EM Power Ltd., Electro Meter Co. Ltd. and Electro Battery Co. Ltd.

More info. http://www.electrosolarbd.com/