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A country’s economic growth is directly proportional to its industrialization and power is a mandatory requirement for this growth. Bangladesh, being a developing country, must market its products in the international arena. The globalization has put our country in such a dilemma which forces us to market our products in the global market we have to compete in not only price but also in quantity with UK, USA, Japan, China, India, and Vietnam and also the Latin American countries. To succeed in the international domain our industries must run with full efficiency and without any downtime to ensure high productivity.
Currently the power generated by the power department is not enough to maintaining steady power supply to the existing industries. Despite our Government’s all-out effort any significant improvement in power situation of our country still remains a far cry. At present, power shortage has reached such a level that the export oriented industries are not only counting losses due to production downtime, but they are also losing their foreign buyers.
These buyers are switching to our neighboring countries such as China, India and Vietnam. To keep these buyers satisfied, the industries are opting for diesel generator as alternative power source. Since cost competitiveness and production efficiency are the mandatory issues, the quality of generator must also be of the highest standard.
To cater to the desire of the end user, EM Power Ltd. decided to assemble European standard diesel generators locally under the brand name of ELECTRO. In doing so, the major components such as, Engine, Alternator, Control Module, Circuit breaker, and magnetic contactors are imported directly from UK, Europe, USA and Japan. Our aim is to give our valued clients peace of mind by providing optimum solution to improve the power situation by supplying them European standard generator at a competitive price, delivered at significantly reduced period and ensure minimum downtime through instant service and spare support.