Competitive marketing of commodities from different countries is the result of globalization. Timely production is the precondition of availability of commodities in time. Availability of power supply (Electricity) is a must for uninterrupted production process. As such power technology solutions play the crucial role for uprising the business as effective and competitive.

Electro Group has always been in the forefront of dealing with the latest power solution and technology products to meet the crucial requirement. We are continuously striving in both Business Power Improvement and Research q? Development so that our products become the customers? First choice.

Our Major Clients

Strength & Opportunities

When considering Electro Group as a partner, in the process of execution, installation, support and maintenance in power sector and turnkey projects, it is primordial to capitalize on the strengths of the establishment.

Fields of Activity

  1. Generator Assembly
  2. Enriched R&D
  3. Wind Turbine & Solar Energy
  4. Energy Meter manufacturing unit
  5. Battery manufacturing unit
  6. Electro Transformer & Switchgear Co. Ltd.