Managing Director' Message

The Managing Director of Electro Group Engr. Md. Ansar Uddin is the entre­preneur. He was born in 1958 in the village Chargojaria of Madaripur District. He was all through a brilliant student. He completed SSC from Nanda Kumar Institute, Shibchar, Madaripur in 1974 and HSC from Notre Dame College, Dhaka in 1976. He obtained B.Sc in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) degree from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) in 1984. Thereafter he devoted himself in the power sector of Bangladesh. He started his career as a Service Engineer (Generator) in a reputed private firm. By his devotion and hard work he got experience and expertise. In 1992 he established the Generator servicing company “Electro Mechanical Service Limited (EMSL)”. Now the company has expanded with 10 branch offices and about 125 Service Engineers are giving round the clock service throughout the country. Subsequently Engr. Md. AnsarUddin started import­ing complete Generating sets from European countries. He became the agent of world famous Generator Brand “SDMO” of France. Through his business visits in European countries he observed that Generator companies bring major items, such as Engines and Alternators, from manufacturers. Then those are assembled as complete Generating sets with brand names given by the foreign companies. So he seriously thought of assembling Generating sets in Bangladesh. In 2004 he established the Generating set assembling company “EM Power Limited (EMPL)”. EMPL is assembling and marketing Generating sets of vari­ous capacities starting from 5KVA to 2000KVA with the brand name of ELEC­TRO. So far about 800 sets assembled Generators have been installed in important Government and Private Organizations. Now about 250 Engineers and technicians are working in EMPL. Engr. Md Ansar Uddin continued his simultaneous effort in manufacturing other items of power sector. In 2002 he established Energy Meter Co. Ltd (EMCL). EMCL is assembling KWHr meter branded as “ELECTRO”. Now about 100 people are working in EMCL. Engr. Md. Ansar Uddin has been striving relentlessly for alternate power source in our country. He has realized the immediate requirement of using solar energy in Bangladesh. So he carried out extensive research along with related experienced Engineers of Research and Development (R&D) depart­ment of Electro Group. He has repeatedly visited some solar panel manufac­turing factories. There he has keenly observed the manufacturing process of solar panels. He realized that manufacturing of solar panels in our country is possible by importing raw materials from abroad. In 2009 he has established the company Electro Solar Power Limited (ESPL) for manufacturing and marketing solar panels. Simultaneously he has estab­lished Electro Battery Company Limited (EBCL) specially to manufacture solar batteries and industrial batteries. Around 150 Engineers and technicians have already started working in ESPL and EBCL. These two companies have started activities recently. So the recruitment of more employees are on process. Engr. Md. Ansar Uddin is firmly committed to “Quality” and “Service”. The products of Electro Group have been observed as equal to imported ones in quality and performance. Engr. Md. Ansar Uddin is calm in nature. He prefers to be deeply engaged in jobs. He always remains in a smiling face. He is happily married and blessed with two sons who are varsity and school going ones. He is well aware of corporate social responsibilities. He has employed about 600 people in his companies and employment of more is on process. He has established a school in his village and is bearing all expenditures by himself. He regularly contributes to uplift education and social welfare activities.